Cross Country

WASHINGTON, Ind. — The Washington soccer team was just coming off the championship in the prestigious Hoosier Cup tournament over the weekend.

If Mt. Carmel came into Monday’s Big 8 Conference game hoping the Hatchets would suffer an emotional letdown following the tourney, the Aces didn’t get the help they were wanting.

“They were still in very good form when they played us,” said Aces coach Ed Berberich of the Hatchets, who still had enough to power their way to a 10-0 victory.

Washington scored five goals in the first half, adding five more in the second period.

“We did some good things in the game, but weren’t able to build much of an attack into their defensive third of the field,” Berberich said. “Our defense and goalie were under constant pressure because of this, as we just couldn’t keep possession and build up play through the field. The players played hard & stuck together, but we just played a better team tonight.”

The Aces host Jasper tonight 5 p.m. at the WVC field.