WEST FRANKFORT —  In a rather bizarre usage of instant replay, video from a cell phone led to the correction of a scoring mistake here on Friday night.

Otherwise, Mt. Carmel’s Levi Laws might be sitting at home this weekend instead of playing in Peoria for the IHSA Class 2A 3-point Showdown state championship.

Laws had just completed shooting his three racks of five basketballs at the sectional final, and was credited with hitting seven out of 15 shots, according to the official scorekeeper. That would leave him one shy of the eight needed to get in a shootoff for the final qualifying spots.

But, Golden Aces coach Tyler Buss knew better. “They announced the score as seven. I walked over to the scoring bench and told them we had (Levi) making eight,” said the second-year coach.

Buss had recorded the shooting sequence on his cell phone, as he has done in previous rounds. “I post the video to Facebook for the kids,” Buss said.

When he got to the scoring bench “they asked to see the video,” Buss said. And, when they discovered their error, Buss said “they felt terrible. They were glad to get it corrected.”

It made all the difference for Laws, a sophomore. He made the shootout where he hit five shots, good enough to advance out of the sectional, along with Ryne Roper of Harrisburg, Tyler Deaton of Eldorado and Seth Ferguson of Sparta. They will join 28 other marksmen in search of the state Class 2A championship at Carver Arena in Peoria this weekend.

Laws, caught up in the moment, said he was unaware of his exact total at the time. But, after all he’s been through, “Levi is fired up now,” according to Buss.