Golden Aces basketball coach Tyler Buss has fond memories of going to basketball camp.

“I remember almost every camp I ever went to growing up,” Buss said on Thursday at the close of the Future Aces camp he now conducts at Mt. Carmel Middle School.

Where Buss would look up to then Aces coach Rick Johnston and his players, more than 70 kindergarten through sixth grade players are now looking to Buss for leadership.

“That’s what we’re looking for. Hopefully these kids will come to our games next year rooting for guys like Reece Metcalf and C.J. Diel as they play,” Buss said. “Hopefully, the kids are looking forward to one day becoming a varsity basketball player” and perhaps matching or surpassing the IHSA Class 2A regional championship the Aces won in March.

Buss said he wants the kids to remember the experience as being a fun one, even as they learn some important fundamental lessons along the way.

“First, we want the kids to have fun and after that it’s fundamental work which is sometimes not the most fun things to practice,” Buss said, taking note of exercises designed to “work on handling the ball and working through the cones, plus proper footwork of catching and shooting the ball.”

Buss works the camp along with Junior Aces coach Matt Lies, Golden Aces and Junior Aces players.

Mt. Carmel was 14-15 last year in Buss’ second year at the helm. That was a five-game improvement over the 2011-12 season total of nine. After winning the regional title and advancing to the Class 2A Sectional finals, the Aces are now considered one of the teams to beat in the region.